This morning I woke up feeling positive about our plastic free year!

I am optimistic about it as I’ve used the past weeks to organise milk deliveries (I now have myself a milkman – ohh err!), prepare mountains of baby food (all stored in Tupperware in the fridge), and try out new recipes for things such as baby rice cakes (a disaster) and cheese crackers (yummy – thank you Nigella).

Today, instead of the usual weekend shopping trip to the supermarket, the kids and I went to the local farm shop and bought mountains of beautiful looking fresh fruit and veg and none of it was wrapped in plastics. We also picked up some locally made apple juice and honey, all in glass bottles, and some cheese wrapped in paper.

By this stage, I was feeling smug and thoroughly enjoying my shopping trip and found I could lots of yummy looking things (except for meat sadly, which was all packaged in a mass of cellophane and on plastic trays). That was until our four year old spotted the chocolate cakes. Sadly they were all wrapped in plastic and so I had to say a firm no, which usually causes mild moaning, but as the baby sitters had allowed him to stay up until nearly 11 last night, he demonstrated the full force of his displeasure by falling to his knees in front of a line of customers and screaming at me “your plastic free rules are ruining my life.

I eventually calmed him down by promising to bake him a chocolate cake at home and we duly purchased all the ingredients we needed (all stored and wrapped in paper bags or tin foil). Back home we baked a pear and chocolate cake and his mood improved, until dinner time when he wanted chicken nuggets (“sorry darling, but we don’t have any as they are packaged in plastic”) and pasta (“sorry….plastic again”). Cue lots and lots and lots of crying and shouting “but pasta is my favourite food in the whole world”.

My optimism has gone from a ten, right the way down to a one in a single day and I am now off to bed deliberating the big questions for January 2017:

·         How will Brexit affect us?

·         Does the Queen really just have a heavy cold? (I do hope so as I love her. Get well soon mam’)

·         And…will I have to buy a pasta maker?

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