Things have been going well, although if I am being honest, it is mainly because I am still using up the leftover plastic wrapped food products from our cupboards and freezer. However I learnt yesterday that day trips are problematic.  

I travelled to London and I was organised enough to take water in my reusable plastic bottle.  However come lunch time, I found it virtually impossible to buy something to eat which was not wrapped in plastic. All the sandwich shops and takeaways around Westminster seem to wrap their food in a mass of plastic.


All I managed to eat in the end was a cinnamon bun (which Starbucks put into a paper bag for me). It was yummy but by the time I got home I was starving. On my arrival home, I explained to the family the difficulties I had finding sandwiches that weren’t wrapped in plastic.  The conversation segued into how bread from the supermarket also comes wrapped in plastic – and we were down to our last loaf!  Looks like we might need to buy a breadmaker. Going plastic free is costings me a fortune in kitchen appliances….

The day was finished off by the realisation that we had run out of dishwasher tablets. I decided to squirt some washing up liquid into the machine and set it off. If you ever think of doing this, don’t! I came down an hour later to a mountain of bubbles pouring out of the machine. This weekend I will have to experiment with making my own dishwasher tables. I will let you know how I get on.

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