Friday was a bleak day. It was one of those grey, overcast days which epitomise the British winter. Trump was inaugurated and… I bought food wrapped in plastic.

The week had gone so well and even when I had to travel to London and Brighton for work, I managed to avoid buying any food products wrapped in plastic. However, all week I had been promising our eldest pizza for his dinner on Friday. You see, pizza is now a huge treat for us as we cannot buy pizza from the supermarkets as they are always wrapped in plastic (and usually are on a board made of plastic too), and we cannot make them as I have not worked out where to buy mozzarella cheese from as again, like the pizza, the cheese always seems to be wrapped in plastic.

Friday night came and I phoned our local café who do takeout pizza on a Friday night. They are delicious and come in a cardboard box which means we can buy them. I phoned and phoned and no one answered so I drove round there and they were shut. By this time I had a very hungry, upset and tired four year old who was determined to eat pizza. So we drove to the little supermarket in our village and we bought three pizzas, all wrapped in plastic. By then I thought, ‘oh sod it’, and I ended up buying a bag of salad and a packet of digestive biscuits – oh how I have missed those biscuits!

I felt so guilty afterwards that I vowed to get back on the horse the very next day. And I managed, but because I had lost my resolve that one time, my long suffering husband who is only going plastic free because I am making him, saw my moment of weakness as an opportunity to buy goods in plastic. Whilst I was at a children’s birthday party, he did the weekend food shopping and came back with a whole host of food packaged in plastic – herbs, lamb shanks, crackers…..the list goes on.

It may seem like a cliché, but you really have to lead by example.


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