I feel like a dreadful mother. Every time Hamish, who is now four, asks for something, I seem to end up saying: “sorry, it has plastic packaging.” I even said no to the happy meal toy last weekend. Cue lots of tears in McDonald’s. Hamish is missing kinder eggs also.

But there are some treats I still buy for him as they are packaged in either paper and/or foil. So if you have a little one with a sweet tooth also (or if you want a sugar fix), here are some suggestions:

  • Smarties – yes, they might make your child hyper with all the E numbers, but they are plastic packaging free. You can’t win them all.
  • Cadbury’s cream eggs – but get them whilst you can as they are only in the shops until Easter!
  • Fruit pastels – yummy but far too moreish
  • Green and Black chocolate bars and Galaxy bars

We also go to the local shop and do pick and mix. I forgot how great penny sweets were (although they start from 2p now – darn inflation!).

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