Over the past month, I’ve worked out some swaps, so you can easily reduce your plastic usage. Here are my top ten swaps.


  1. Get your chocolate fix. Instead of your Cadbury chocolate bars which are wrapped in plastic, try Green and Blacks or Galaxy bars. They are yummy and are wrapped in foil and paper. For the kids, you can buy tubs of smarties.
  2. Clean clothes. Instead of buying the liquid capsules, buy powder. It is sold in cardboard boxes and seems to last longer in our house also!
  3. Enjoy a plastic free breakfast. Although most cereals have a plastic inner layer, Wheatabix doesn’t and you can buy porridge in paper packaging too.
  4. Luscious lips. Instead of buying lip balm in plastic containers buy Vaceline – it comes in a tin container and works just as well (plus it lasts ages).
  5. Time for tea. Although some packets of tea are covered in plastic on the outside, you can easily buy tea which is not. Lidl see teas just in cardboard boxes with no other packaging and Twinings teas are usually in a cardboard box and foil only.
  6. Buy cans. Instead of buying a carton of chopped tomatoes, buy a can. Same is true for tomatoes puree as you can buy that in cans also.
  7. Glass. Buy olive oil in glass bottles instead of plastic ones. Although the lids are often made of plastic still on the glass bottles, you are still reducing your plastic a lot. Passata can be bought in a glass jar instead of a plastic carton too. I bought some from Iceland the other day, which was cheap and tasty.
  8. Bread sticks. For those of you who have young children, you probably get through quite a few breadstick packages each week. I know we used to! Although most breadsticks packs have a plastic inner layer, some don’t such as the mini bread sticks from Waitrose: https://www.ocado.com/webshop/product/Waitrose-Mini-Breadsticks/39176011
  9. Use a butter dish. Buy a block of butter and keep it in a butter dish, instead of the spreadable butter which comes in plastic cartons (it is a lot nicer anyway to be honest!)
  10. Achoo! A lot of the more expensive tissues, such as Kleenex have plastic rims on their boxes. However the supermarket own brands don’t usually. So you can save money and reduce your plastic waste at the same time.


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