Lots of you have been asking me about soap, washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets. Well I have started to make my own for all of the above, with differing success.

The dishwasher tablets ran out a while back, so in the tray where you add the tablet, I put a few drops of washing up liquid (around 3 – if you do too many, bubbles flow out of the machine – a mistake I have made in the past!). Then I fill it 3/4 full of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), and add salt to fill the rest of the space up. The result…clean dishes! The only draw back is that the cutlery and glasses are not sparkling clean and have a slight residue on them. But that might be because we live in a really hard water area. So if any of you live in a soft water area, please do let me know if it works better for you.

For the washing up liquid, I use this recipe:

1 litre boiling water
2-3 drops tea tree oil (I use it for antiseptic properties but can be a little drying on your hands so you might want to try lavender instead)
10g grated soap (2 heaped tsp)
10g soda crystals (2 heaped tsp)
1 tsp vinegar

And finally for soap, well that is a whole other blog post as I am still in experimentation phase! But I have been buying bars of soap (wrapped in paper of course), and grating them and just adding cooled boiled water to make my liquid soap refills. I can’t say it works great, but it is useable. I add a drop of tea tree oil to that mixture also.

Happy washing!


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