Sorry I have not blogged for a few weeks. Things have been very busy at work and as I am having to make everything from scratch (baby food, bread, dog treats, soap, yoghurt, etc.) domestic chores seem to take up most of my free time.

However, I’ve managed to touch base with lots of you who pledged. I know some of you have found it difficult to make the changes you planned to do, and it is hard to do. But if you need some inspiration, here is a short video that by super colleague, Steve Menzies, has recently produced.

The video has snippets from an interview with the President of the UN who is from Fiji. He starts by saying: ‘The ocean is the source of the oxygen we breathe’. I found this so impactful as that is the reality and yet we are destroying the very thing that gives us life. The video finishes with the tag line: One planet. One ocean. Inspirational stuff…I hope it gives you a boast on your plastic free pledge.

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