As I mentioned in my last post, last week I was in Poland. I tried to stay as plastic free as I could, but I did end up buying a bottle of water and a packet of nuts at the airport. In my defence, I had a long, long delay due to a sudden snow storm in the terminal building, and then a further delay waiting to take off as they “defrosted the plane”. Desperate times, lead to desperate measures.

Just around the corner from where we were staying was a Starbucks coffee shop. As I had forgotten to take my re-usable cup I decided to leave the house early on a morning and go and drink a coffee in the café. As I sat there one morning, enjoying a rather good Flat White, it dawned on me that going plastic free really makes you slow down. Before I would have grabbed a coffee and drank it as I rushed along the street to work. Instead I drank my coffee and just watched the world go by.

Back in the UK, I have slowed down too. For example, instead of buying a take-out sandwich when I am at my university job, I go to one of their canteens and sit with the old professors, who have obviously been going there, at the same time each day, for years. I rather like hanging out with them and hearing their stories. Plus it is really good value (I got a full roast dinner the last month for £5.50) and the other day I had chocolate sponge pudding, with chocolate custard – yummy (and only £1.80!).

And when I have to travel to London for work, instead of snatching a snack to eat on the train, I go into a café, sit down and eat. Food tastes so much better and it actually gives me time to enjoy what I am eating.

So you see, going plastic free is good for you as well as our oceans! It’s a WIN:WIN!

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