As many of you know, we have a Golden Retriever called Willow. She is the most wonderfully natured dog, so very kind and loving to the kids, great with babies, but…she is the laziest dog you could ever meet. When my husband was out walking her the other day, a couple stopped him and asked him how old she was. ‘Just turned two’, he replied. As he was walking away, he heard the man say to his wife, ‘Two? More like 22!’.

She plods along on walks, preferring to sniff than run around. When we go into the field behind our house, she thinks she is a sheep and starts grazing on the wheat growing in it. This behaviour has resulted in her being rather overweight. I even have to take her to doggy Slimming World, where she gets weighed every month.


But poor Willow has been struggling with our plastic free initiative. No longer does she get treats or chew sticks as they all come in plastic wrapping. I was hoping it would help her lose weight, but it hasn’t so far. So this weekend I decided to make her some doggy treats (diet treats of course). I found an easy recipe online which used sugar-free peanut butter and porridge oats. She loves them. Although if I am being honest, she loves eating everything and anything!


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