I am often asked, how do you managed to make and cook all the things you need to be plastic free, whilst working full time and having two small children? Well the honest answer is, I don’t.

Last week was a very busy week with work. This meant that I was late to collect my 4 year old from school on Thursday, and he then missed his trial gymnastics class. We’ve been on the waiting list for nearly six months now. The result of missing the class? Him screaming at me and crying hysterically. Which made me then shout back at him and cry also! Not my finest parenting, but I just felt so overwhelmed by everything. If I’m not working, I’m looking after the kids, and only once the kids are asleep can I get all my tasks done; making bread, yoghurt, soaps, etc., etc….the list goes on and on. Unless it comes in a tin, I have to make everything from scratch. This is a picture of our kitchen at 9 this morning.


Yes, it does look a mess. But by 9am I had:

1) Soaked yesterday’s nappies and wipes and put on another load to wash

2) Made the baby food for the week (4 different types)

3) Made yoghurt (in the photo below, it takes 10 hours to do so you need to start it early!)

4) Put on the bread maker (I made milk bread today – super yummy)

5) Made porridge for the kids

6) Showered and got dressed

7) Unloaded the dishwasher


Being  plastic free is exhausting and occasionally I cheat. Last week I bought a ready made pizza, covered in plastic, but again I was running late from work and the kids had a friend over for tea. I’d not made the dough in advance so I just thought, ‘oh sod it…’ Do you know what though? The pizza was awful! As mentioned before, my taste buds have changed and I really hate processed foods now.

So to conclude, I don’t always manage to be plastic free. But I’m trying. Here’s hoping this week will be a better one.










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