Hello and sorry not to have posted for a few weeks. My son turned one and we had family staying from the US so things have been manic. As most of you know, I am not a tidy person and I just don’t seem to notice mess. My husband on the other hand grew up is a super tidy house – his mum still hoovers once a day.  But I spent a whole weekend cleaning and tidying the whole house. I even ironed the bed sheets. I don’t know why, but when people come and stay I go all house proud!

Now, I will be honest…we have a cleaner that comes weekly to help, and when we went plastic free I told her about all the natural products she could use, such as white wine vinegar, etc. for the cleaning. She always buys the products and then tells us how much we owe her. And, as I never clean usually, I don’t know what she buys. However, as for once I was doing the cleaning, I opened the cupboard where all the cleaning stuff is kept and found a mass of plastic bottles. Then my husband told me she sneaks them in when I am in my office so I can’t see!

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