On Saturday, we went out for the evening!!! We were invited to our friends 40th birthday party in London. Now we are married with kids and living in Kent, we never get invited anywhere usually, so despite being serious sleep deprived (due to a baby with wind and four days to get a large work proposal in), we went to the party.

All week I had been wondering what to wear. I saw a nice white dress but when I tried it on, I merge into it – time for fake tan. But, oh no, fake tan comes in plastic! I know I should just find something else to wear but I love this dress. It’s flattering and on trend and I like to think I’m still fashionable. The reality is, I like wearing cashmere jumpers and  I’m probably only a few years away from pearls and a twin set. But I like to think I’m cool!


Time for homemade fake tan it was then. I didn’t know how to make it, but I knew someone who would – good old Google. So I googled homemade fake tan.

I know what you are already thinking – this is a recipe for disaster. And you are probably right, but I thought it was worth a try. Various recipes made from coffee and cocoa powder turned up, but I thought this might work the best as designed and tried out by a redhead: https://www.diynatural.com/homemade-self-tanner-natural-diy/

I tried it out and…. let’s just say I went in jeans and a top instead of the dress. Some things are best left to the professionals who then put it in plastic bottles after all.

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