As I have mentioned before, it turns out that a load of our plastic is non-recyclable. Or we don’t have the facilities to recycle it in the UK, so it gets shipped off to places such as India to be recycled. That’s why we need to reduce and not just recycle.

We’ve been really good recently and the sunny weather has made reusable nappies much more do-able as we dry them on the line outside. Otherwise they take days to dry inside!


I’ve also bought only Easter eggs which are nearly plastic free – a few have just a little plastic wrapping around the chocolate bars, but around the egg it is foil and then cardboard and no extra plastic on the box.



Someone bought me some chocolates the other day. Most people know I am plastic free, but I don’t tell all my colleagues or work clients. They think I am eccentric enough as it is. I was bought a large box as a thank you and it had a large plastic tray in it. Of course, I didn’t want to decline the gift as:

  1. That would seem rude; and
  2. I really like these chocolates and have no self-control with sweet foods!

Now I’ve eaten all the ones I like (the rest are some weird lemon ones – you can see where I’ve taken bites out of them and then put them back as I don’t like them). I realised the tray makes perfect paint pallets for my eldest. I am always looking for things to put paint in and these are the perfect size. So no, I’m not plastic free, but I am re-using!


Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter bunny visits you with lots of plastic free chocolate eggs!

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