My dear friend and colleague, Steve Menzies, send me a link today about Henderson Island. The island is one of the most remote places in the world. It is a small island in the eastern South Pacific so you would think it would be a tranquil paradise but no, it has the highest density of anthropogenic debris recorded anywhere in the world, with 99.8% of the pollution plastic.

Instead of using seashells, the crabs use old plastic rubbish for their houses. I am not sure if it is the Vietnamese food I had last night or not, but the image makes me feel physically sick.


Whilst I am writing this, I am working in single use plastic hell (aka America). Supermarket shopping is really difficult when trying to be plastic free here and carrier bags are still given out for free. Plus they seem to give straws with everything. First, they are bad for the environment as they are non-recyclable most of the time due to the mixed plastic used to make them. But secondly, after the age of ten, who actually uses a straw?!?


You can read the full article about the plastic found on Henderson Island at:


5 thoughts on “38 million pieces of plastic waste found on uninhabited South Pacific island

  1. Haha! I love your comment– “…after the age of ten, who actually uses a straw?!?”
    Couldn’t agree more! I live in the US, and I have to say that certain places (like DC) are much worse about giving out straws with every drink. I live in San Francisco, California and you see them much less (but they are definitely still here.) #skipthestraw


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