Our dear friends came to visit us this afternoon with their two adorable children. They live in London and we were chatting about the plastic free lifestyle and if it was easier to be plastic free in a large city or in the countryside. They have a back garden which is probably the same size as ours, so from a grow-your-own perspective, there is little difference. But shopping for local vegetables and fruit seems much more difficult – and far more expensive on London. We have a great farm shop (Perry Court Farm: http://www.perrycourtfarm.co.uk/) that we can walk to from our house, and a butchers and bakers a few minutes walk away in the centre of the village where we live.

Yes, the local shops are more expensive than the supermarkets, but they are not ridiculously priced and the food tastes so much better. When we lived in London we had stopped eating meat, but being able to buy locally produced meat from the butchers has made a difference (and I take my own Tupperware to put it in, or they wrap it in paper for me).


Our own vegetables are looking very healthy and we are enjoying some wonderful salads. I mentioned before how I miss blueberries. Well, the other things I really miss is salad as we had to stop eating that for a while as even the stuff in the farm shop came wrapped in plastic. But now we have our own lettuce crop, we are enjoying fresh salads again!


The boys like to ‘help’ (aka eat soil and generally spread muck everywhere!) in the garden as well.

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