My eldest son had his 5th birthday party the other week. It was Titanic themed as, for some unknown reason, he has been obsessed with the ill-fated ship for nearly a year now. He can tell you every detail about that ship – when and where it was built, numbers on board, numbers who died (by class no less), what they ate on board, etc. He tells you all this, even if you don’t ask!

I flew back from the US the day before the party, so I did order in pre-made sandwiches as I knew I would not be able to bake all the bread needed in time, and I also bought pre-made crisps and biscuits. But my wonderful friend, Ferhana (who shares an office with me so is used to me going on about being plastic free), lent me some reusable plastic plates and cups and I also did plastic free party bags.


I used paper party bags (as opposed to the usual thin plastic ones), bought only sweets in paper packaging, and instead of the usual plastic toys, each child got a packet of seeds and a couple of biodegradable plant pots.

I was worried the kids would not like them, but the parents have told me how much the children have enjoyed growing the seeds.

So, to conclude, not quite a plastic free party, but nearly!

p.s. here is the cake. We got a local cake maker to do it, as no, I would not have been able to do anything like that myself! Hamish is dressed as Jack from the film!

Cake 2

3 thoughts on “(Nearly) Plastic free parties for kids

  1. Good work! And that cake is super cute. 🙂

    This past weekend I really made an effort in my grocery shopping to go plastic free, and only ended up buying 2 things with plastic. One was cheese (hard to find not wrapped in plastic!) and the other was a greeting card I picked up at the last minute (covered in plastic.. totally missed it!)


    1. Oh that’s great and I know what you mean about cards. I had planned to do a blog post and just that very thing. I really struggle to buy cards not in plastic in the UK too. When I was growing up, none of the cards had plastic around them and I am not that old….it wasn’t that long ago.


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