Plastic free july

I know some of my readers took part in Plastic Free July. If you did, I hope you enjoyed the challenge.

In my view, the Australian initiative is a brilliant one and although I did not always find their emails and tips that useful (maybe as we have been doing this for a while now), I did enjoy feeling that I was not alone.

The importance of feeling part of a community is well documented and psychologists such as Susan Pinker stress the importance of face-to-face contact in this digital age, highlighting how it improves are emotional and physical wellbeing ( I agree with all this, but with something such as becoming plastic free, for me it was enough to just feel part of a wider (albeit a virtual) community.  

The plastic waste issue that this world is experiencing feels immense, but just to know that there are people all over the world trying to reduce their plastic usage, makes it feel that more achievable. And so, when it comes to tackling plastic, online communities really have increased my mental wellbeing!

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