I am now back in Ethiopia with work. When I was last here in July I wrote a blog post saying how difficult it is to be plastic free in a country like Ethiopia as you end up buying so much bottled water. Plus they give you plastic bags for everything!

But this time, I have been more organised and I have taken my own canvas shopping bag, plus I have not had to buy one bottle of water as I have been boiling the tap water and drinking that. I boil that water for 10 minutes, so I am getting through a lot of cooking gas, but I am not one to take risks!


Plus at the airport, I noticed a water dispenser (in photo) so was able to fill up my bottle before I boarded the plane and instead of using plastic cups on the plane, I just used my water bottle (although I have to admit the water did come out of plastic bottles on the plane, but at least I was not using plastic cups).

Tomorrow I fly to the countryside in the Amhara region so we will see how I get on being plastic free!

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