My husband is having to work this weekend. Our eldest son (Hamish), who is now 5 years old, had the following conversation with him:

Hamish: What are you doing?

Husband: I am building some software for a new tunnel.

Hamish: What sort of tunnel?

Husband: A tunnel for a particle accelerator.

Hamish: What’s a particle accelerator?

Husband: It’s a big laser.

Hamish: What’s it for?

Husband: For smashing particles together.

Hamish: Why?

Husband: So they can recreate the Big Bang.

Hamish: Why?

Husband: So they can try and understand what happened when the universe was created.

Hamish: Why?

Husband: So we know where we came from.

Hamish: Why?

Husband: For science.

Hamish: Oh, well we are all going to die anyway so why does it matter?

Hamish’s pessimistic mood continued, as he asked me why I was saving up for a electric car:

Me: To save the environment. Save the polar bears ice caps!

Hamish: But why, isn’t it too late anyway?

Hamish is usually the biggest optimist when it comes to saving the environment. I do hope my optimistic little boy comes back soon – this one is depressing to be around!




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