I chair the Social Marketing conference which is held in Florida every two years. In June 2018, it will be our 25th anniversary, making it the longest running social marketing conference in the world, and longest running by over a decade. I haven’t been chairing it that long. In fact I first went as a student in 2006 and then was asked to take over as chair in 2013.

Here is a link to the conference website:


We run the conference as a not-for-profit and if you want to find out more about how to achieve voluntary behaviour change in the mass population, then please do come along in June 2018!

For our 2018 conference, we are going plastic free. We are trying to run it as a 100% plastic free conference. I am not sure if we will manage to succeed and the hotel where we host the conference think I am bonkers, but we will try our best.  

It feels only right, as we hold the conference in a beachside hotel on the Gulf of Mexico, in Clearwater, Florida. The Gulf of Mexico is experiencing high levels of plastic pollution, like most other areas. However, what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is a drop in the ocean compared to the growing plastic pollution further out in the Pacific and in the North Atlantic. Thirteen years after the world woke up to the threat from plastic polluting our seas and CTE’s award-winning expose of the potential threat to our food, plastic pollution it’s actually getting worse. So our conference is leading by example.

Wish us luck! I will let you know how we get on.


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