People recently have been sending me links to news articles about two shops in England which are packaging free shops.

weslse shop

They are like the old shops which had the big bins full off food and you scooped what you wanted into a bag. I used to love going to those places when I was a kid. But they fell out of fashion, probably due to the rise of supermarkets. Plus we are quite neurotic about germs these days, and they were probably not the most hygienic.

I would love to set up one of those shops, but as I now spend at least one week in every four abroad for work, I think my husband would not be impressed if I decided to set up a shop also! Plus I don’t think there is the demand quite yet in Kent. But I do think we are starting to reach a tipping point with organisations such as Skype News and the BBC (through their Blue Planet programme) highlighting the effect plastics are having on our oceans.

Blue planet

However, to really push through change, all the organisation who want use to reduce our plastic usage have to come together and lobby government and the big supermarkets. I don’t think there is that cohesion yet. But from my experience of working at the Department of Health, if you want to push through legislation and changes to policy, you have to come together and lobby one clear message. Here’s hoping this will happen soon.

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