Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Things are always busy in the run up to Christmas and with working full time and having two overexcited children, this year seemed even busier!

I can’t believe it has been a whole year since we tried to go plastic free.

So did we manage to have a plastic free Christmas? No…but nearly!

Most of the presents we bought were selected as they came in cardboard boxes as opposed to plastic wrapping. There were exceptions – for example, the Cadbury’s variety boxes which our five year old asked Santa for, but the main presents were not wrapped in plastic. Amazon is also great at delivering in cardboard boxes, with just brown paper for protection (as opposed to masses of bubble wrap).

We bought all our vegetables and fruit from the local farm shop so they came in paper bags. The exception food wise was the smoked salmon and also the ‘pigs in blankets’ (for the non UK readers, they are small sausages wrapped in bacon and you can’t have a turkey lunch without them!). They came from our local supermarket and wrapped in plastic I am afraid.

But our wine was all cork bottles instead of screw tops and I made lots of homemade breads. I love the taste and smell of fresh bread but I had stopped baking it for the last few months as I have just been travelling too much. It was lovely to start baking again during the holidays.

I am now working in St Helena island. If you want to know where it is, put it in google maps and zoom out and zoom out, and then zoom out quite a bit more and you will realise it is a tiny dot in the middle of the South Atlantic ocean.

I am here to do my health work, but it is also whale shark season so I have been into the ocean to see the most beautiful (and huge!) sharks. I am pleased to announce that so far, I have seen very little plastic pollution on the shoreline and in the ocean. When I have better internet, I will blog and tell you all about my trip (and include some photos).

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