When I was growing up, it was always reported that the most popular recreational sporting activity in the UK was not football as one might expect, but angling. It is still apparently very popular and I understand why. Life can feel rather hectic and rushed here, and I imagine fishing for some people is like curling up with a good book on the sofa for me. It is a way to relax and switch off the brain.

Plastic whale fishing

But with all the plastic going into our rivers and seas, an organisation in the Netherlands have come up with a wonderful idea – plastic fishing!

They advertise:


The best way to enjoy the canals of Amsterdam!

They also sell the activity to companies looking for teambuilding activities.

I love the idea that they are making rubbish picking a fun activity. As I’ve said in previous blogs, if we want people to change their behaviour, we have to make things:

– Fun,

– Easy, and

– Popular!

Not boring or lonely.

They are about to launch a direct train from London to Amsterdam and when they do, I cant wait to take the kids and try plastic fishing!

For more details go to: https://plasticwhale.com/plastic-fishing/#fishing

Plastic fishing

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