Well I am delighted to say that we managed to have a 100% plastic free Easter! Here’s how we did it.

Buying meat and fish

The Tupperware that I usually use to buy my meat in is far too small for a massive shoulder of lamb or a whole seabass. So I took my cooking pot to the butchers and fishmongers instead. It worked well for the fish, but as you can see, less well for the meat. I did get some funny looks walking home!


Easter eggs

It wouldn’t be Easter without an chocolate egg hunt in our house. But I bought chocolate cream eggs as they do not come in any plastic. I also bought some chocolate bunnies – again no plastic wrapping on them.

Easter bunny

Hot cross buns

Another Easter must! The local baker put them into a paper bag for us.

Fruit and vegetables

As per usual, I bought them from our local farm shop and all plastic free. However, saying that….when I was at the shop I witnessed one of the assistants taking the plastic off the cucumbers! Gutted as that was the only place I could buy them from!

We used herbs from our garden also.

Easter cake

We also always make a large Easter chocolate cake. All the ingredients were not stored or covered in plastic. The butter and chocolate were covered in foil and paper, the baking powder came in paper sachets (makes life easier as no need for measuring out anything), vanilla essence also is in a glass bottle (although I admit it has a plastic lid, but it lasts for ages so I don’t feel too bad about that).


We didn’t manage a fully plastic free Christmas, but I am pleased we managed an Easter! If you also celebrate Easter, I hope you had a good one.

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