Two years on. What has changed?

On the 1st January 2017, we tried to go plastic free. Two years on, I would say we have been semi-successful and have managed to reduce our plastic usage by around 70%. But it has been difficult, and not without its ups and downs! We are totally reliant on the milkman to deliver our milk … Continue reading Two years on. What has changed?

Unintended consequences?

I am working on an amazing project at the moment to try and discourage people from volunteering at orphanages abroad. Sadly, millions of children worldwide live in residential institutional settings such as orphanages. However, an estimated 80% are not actually orphans and have at least one living parent. Decades of research show that living in orphanages is harmful to … Continue reading Unintended consequences?

Why should developing countries be leading the way?

Hello from Ethiopia. I am back working in this beautiful country. Although beautiful, there are mountains of plastic bottles everywhere. But how can we really expect developing countries to change their behaviour and reduce their plastic usage, when first world countries do not deal with their own plastic issues - they just ship their plastic … Continue reading Why should developing countries be leading the way?