We have decided to stop buying anything plastic for a whole year.

It’s not your usual New Year’s resolution (and I definitely think we could have chosen easier ones), but when you hear an area in the North Pacific twice the size of Texas is basically a flotilla of plastic rubbish, you know it’s time to start reducing. Even more so when you realise that the UK fits into Texas nearly 3 times – now you know why it is nicknamed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

So, for 2017, we are going to try and be a plastic free household and we will not buy any plastic which is not reusable (i.e. Tupperware – fine, plastic soda bottles – bad). This would be hard enough if it was just my husband and I, but now we have the boys (a four year old and eight month old), it poses even greater challenges. Reading past blogs on this, others who have tried to lead a plastic free existence, appear to either be single and/or have done it for a short amount of time. They have also blogged how organisation is key – and yes, for those of you who know me, it’s not a skill I possess.

But we don’t want to be the generation who just stands by and lets this happen. We want to take personal ownership for the amount of plastic waste our family creates and work to reduce it. 2017 is going to be the year our household does just that.

Why not just recycle?

For years my family have diligently recycled all the plastic we are able to, but not all plastic is recyclable. Plus, it turns out recycling plastic is a complex business: There are many types of plastics and each type can only be recycled with its own kind. This means that most local recycling plants cannot cope and the plastics are then shipped thousands of miles to countries such as China to be recycled. To me, this doesn’t make much sense and solely expanding the UK’s recycling facilities does not address the real issue – that we need to reduce as well as recycle.

Over the next year I will be blogging to update you on our progress, share tips and hopefully inspire you to reduce your own plastic waste.